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Digital bangle -An Intelligent jewelry

by Wikky

you should be amazed by new gadget with complete aesthetics, giving new future to the jewelry. This time you are not only buying jewelry but Digital jewelry that will give more satisfaction that admires people. It has a verity of styles that match your mood to download. By put it on your wrist you feels like you have redefined the fashion.

It has many wonderful features like flexible OLED display, build in mic & speaker, and wireless charging. This jewelry purely design to reflect your personality digitally. You can set reminders, monitor your fitness and information that keep you update alongwith so many other great functions. It will notify about the caller, Email, Text messages and other application pings. All these components transform this digital bangle to your intelligent personal assistant.


The digital bangle is really a great modernization in the domain of style you wear. Producers said that the jewelry designs would be personalized to reflect the apps and functions that are important to you.

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