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Samsung's "The Wall" —Super Transformation in your viewing Experience

by wikky

Samsung introduces “The Wall” bigger In size ever with 219 inches, amazing innovation with so many great features in QLED TVs. It builds a massive screen on your wall with multiple microLED panels.

“Take display technology to the next level —beyond LCD and LED signage—with Samsung’s The Wall”

by Samsung

Samsung has introduced the microLED display technology that delivers great viewing experience with excellent color clarity using Ultra-low reflection black technology. Its processing engine is installed with Quantum processor 8K chip. Its visual experience delivers what you get in Pro QLED display TVs. cutting-edge innovation experience with its great refinement. It is elegant in design transform your home to next level of innovation. Yes, this time you are not only bringing the TV but The Wall to home. It is great in molecularity so that you can customize THE WALL to your desired sizes and designs. When we talk about its performance features, it is definitely pro with no compromise at all. The Wall has robust durability with shock-resistant technology and super-efficient in energy consumption. Samsung —The Wall is total solution for your TV entertainment.

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