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How to get Organic Traffic on your Blog

by Wikky
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Many pro bloggers have suggest great things to bring organic traffic on your blog/website. first you need to know, What is organic Traffic? Organic traffic is the visitors that come to your blog/website by their own choice instead of bring them to your site by any mean of promotion.

Below are some important factors that are linked with the organic traffic which I am going to share with you.

1. Benchmarking for content to build trust

If you are content creator and you are publishing it on your blog/website, always keep in mind that Quality content is the only key to produce great outcomes as desired. Fixed the benchmark for your content and maintain by achieving that standard every time while posting on blog.

If your content is dominating, simple and meaningful with purpose towards the subject you want to discuss, that really build strong readership with your audience. Cater all points and possibilities to present the subject by using media like images, animations, videos and documents. This will defiantly develop trust with your audience and will leads to increase audience to your Blog/website.

I have discussed some tips on my other post how you can write your Quest For The Best Post/article that will defiantly help you increase in your website audience.

2. Keyword drill down

Undertake the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose, you must Drill down for the accurate and correct keywords Research that targets the audience that are looking for specific query and or having topic. Keep an eye on some great sites to enhance skills of organizing content that builds trust among audience by providing them quality dominating content through their Blogs and websites. Your audience are not numeric data they are real people so Don’t count them But Treat Them.

If you are new to blogging and just have configured your new WordPress application, then you must have important To Do List After Setting Up WORDPRESS Application for better configuration.

3. Communicate with your audience

I am not only pointing for social media accounts like fb, twitter Instagram, But I am talking about the conversation tone while writing. Yes, it is very important to engage audience to drive post till end. And this only would be achieve if you explains in conversation style.

You also have to be responsive in any mean of communication like FB, twitter or any other account. Don’t left any post comment and query non responsive. Interact with them so that your response seal in their mind.

Keep in mind your social media is secondary mean of communication, your primary communication channel is your content. The Content at your Blog/Website.

4. Cash-out vs Cash-in flows

If you are marketing your content on any social media for SEO purpose and or investing on the other services like writing, then you must have track of cash out flows so that you can analyze whether the investment is profitable or not. And analyze when and where to spend for your content promotion for organic traffic.

If you are analyzing the investment is just loose of money then stop spending on them for a while.

Hope this help!

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