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How to Restore Database without creating a new database in MSSQL Server

by Wikky

It’s even possible to restore without creating a blank database at all. After connect to your SQL Server via SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS).

Do right click on “Databases” and select “Restore File & filegroups”.

MSSQL Server Restore File & filegroups

Restore Files and Filegroups Database dialog will appear, now enter your desired new database name in the “To Database” Text box as shown in screenshot below.

New database name in the “To Database” and select .”bak” file from resources

Now select source for restore “From Device”. Once you have selected your source database, SSMS will ask for the database “.bak” file. Select your “.bak” file and click on “add”.

You will see the “backup sets” List is updated with those that are contained in your selected .bak file. Now check the checkbox to use which backup data set you want to restore in your new database. See image below.

Select backup set to restore in the new database

Click OK and refresh your database list to view changes.

By these you can restore database without even creating an empty database, as it is a gentle approach which is not required to go in to the “option” tab to check the “Overwrite the existing database” option.

Hope this helps!

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