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Employees Development is Key to Develop Business

by wikky

Everyday, we have success stories of companies for their performance ratings in market in terms of revenue as well in stand in market with competencies. Behind every success story there are Teams of skilled professionals. Teams that are well-developed professionals of those companies who have real potential to make the company stand in the market and head to more success stories. Here the question is how much important for the MDs/CEOs to mentor or develop employees to develop their Business and achieve their short term as well long term goals?

Companies growth is directly linked with how much professionally developed and skilled their employees are and how companies are behaving with them. Ultimately their employees potential, professionalism and competencies development is real factor to beat the market and stand strongly.

Companies that have vision in developing people are generating more revenue, capturing more business and competing more effectively in the market. It is 100 percent correct that the real asset of a company is their employees not their capital.

Executives Role in mentor employees

It is the fact that company’s revenue directly beneficial to the Executives/CEO of the companies and executives are directly involved in the development of the infrastructure and the employees. Their focus must remain on how they can play role to make its employees more competent.

Every organization have a mission, the short term goals that can be achieved through their potential. MDs/CEOs should have concerns to boost the performance of the companies to align and focus on efforts to achieve the set goals and missions.

Employees in this era are very sensitive, if you are not paying rewards in terms of more skills, they start feeling bad and this can be a factor to losing satisfaction. Like company must have something to retain in the market, the very same with the employees, they want growth and development to be recognize. They want to feel their existence and recognition in the different teams. Sometime the recognition is not limited within the organization but can be external to organizations. It is company’s responsibility to make them feel proud of something. You would like to visit another article of mine where I have discussed how Bosses are different with leaders.

Leaders role in mentor employees

As Leaders are closely working with their Team members and they know very well about them. Leaders have to look into their team members and identify their incompetency or the area where they are lacking behind. Be supportive for them and create opportunity for growing their red zone of skill sets. Here MD/CEO integration with the leaders are very important. They should be supportive too to build competent team. This builds more confidence level, trust, and will become more satisfied with, what they are earning other than $$$$ (Dollars). At the end Company’s potential will increase, as well its asset.

Your employees are your faces, and you should have face to face the market.

Building good relation with the customers is always important for any firm or organisation. Customer relation are not with the MD/CEO but it always developed with the Face teams. There are different teams from organisations that are continuously collaborating and dealing the business. The one who is service provider, should have happy (I have discussed about how to make your employees happy and not to leave in my other article >> 8 Important Things that Make Professionals Pleased at WorkPlace) competent and professional team to make their customers happy.

Fortune companies are always keep an eye to make their customers happy. They mean their employees real assets not their capital value. That is the fact they have customer subscription with recurring revenue. When executives starts focusing on their teams, their teams start putting effort and return real values to them.

“Focus on developing your Team, your Team will develop your business”

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